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Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson sought to impart to Victorian era children of his personal acquaintance, and subsequently children and adults alike in the preceding centuries via written instruction disguised as literature, something of the experience
of the aboriginal dream time and
Persephone’s descent into the underworld.

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Whilst Persephone is whisked away to the underworld by Hades, Dodgson’s Alice crawls down the rabbit hole voluntarily in pursuit of the white rabbit.

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It is very clear that Dodgson,
who assumed the magickally derived name of Lewis Carroll and in so doing accepted the Shamanic responsibility
involved in wielding a name of power,
was heavily influenced by the written works of 21st century Man of Knowledge,
Robert Anton Wilson.

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In particular Carroll attempted to invoke the essential teaching that is also expressed through Wilson’s The Illuminatus Trilogy through his own The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland.

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When Alice voluntarily enters wonderland in pursuit of the white rabbit, she is in fact initiating a relationship with Yog Sothoth and entering the dream time.

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H.P. Lovecraft says of this deity:

"Yog-Sothoth knows the gate.
Yog-Sothoth is the gate.
Yog-Sothoth is the key and
guardian of the gate.
Past, present, future,
all are one in Yog-Sothoth.
He knows where
the Old Ones broke through of old,
and where They shall break through again.
He knows where They have trod earth's fields,
and where They still tread them,
and why no one can behold Them
as They tread."

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To sacrifice the human dimension and enter wonderland is to seek immortality.

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Just as Eve partakes of the forbidden fruit,
so Alice consumes tea biscuits which transform her so that she may
enter a realm uninhabitable
by mortal constructs.
Her adventure in wonderland
is the initiation into the mysteries.

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Clearly Alice’s adventure is symbolic of the female principle that enters into a dark alliance; Eve and Samael, Persephone and Hades, Alice and Yog-Sothoth.

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It would be a terrible misconstruction to assume, as was the assumption of 12th Century Inquisitors, that the Cathars Carroll, Lovecraft, and Wilson, three conduits of an ancient prehistoric lineage, were/are members of a secret society dedicated to
serving satanic forces.

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It is in reality quite the opposite, Satanic forces have been inspired by the efforts of these men and others like them.

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Their practice stems from, as was previously noted, a prehistoric lineage, a lineage, which more accurately stated, predates the formation of the planet earth, the development of the human species and its parodies of civilization.

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The mythologies of this planet cannot strictly apply to a pre-existent experience, although it is possible that things which transpire in the present and future may have reverberations
in the past.

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However, when considering an extra-dimensional experience it is important to realize that there is, in the natural order of things, a "trickle down" effect, meaning that higher dimensions may exert influence over lower dimensions, but, under normal circumstance, the lower dimensions, and their manifestations, i.e. botanical, zoological, mineralogical, and other sentient an non-sentient inhabitants, will not "trickle up" . That is, the lower dimensions will not tend to exert influence over the higher.

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There are, on the other hand, rare exceptions, and this is where the above mentioned Shamans come into play. Through an unnatural and controversial conversion of basic life force structures certain manifestations strive to exert influence over the higher dimension,
turning things "bottoms up".

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This may be considered a glorious achievement which could be likened to a successful moon launch. While American Hero Neil Armstrong proclaimed that he was taking, "One small step for man, one giant step for mankind.", another defier of the laws of nature is recorded as having celebrated her triumph over gravity by wondering, "Now, Dinah, tell me the truth: did you ever eat a bat?"

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Therefore, Carroll sending Alice down the rabbit hole
is the equivalent of sending her
back up the birth canal and beyond,
into the primordial abyss,
the void,
the uncreated
which is neither real nor unreal.

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For the children of Victorian England the good Reverends message was no doubt quite a shock to the nervous system. It’s impact on the development of that Nations psyche may be measured through an in depth analysis of Genesis P’Orridge’s Temple of Psychic Youth.

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Just as the nuclear assault in Hiroshima during World War Two catalyzed an unexpected mutation in the collective subconscious of the Japanese people, Carroll’s message clearly affected a subtle distortion within the consciousness of the United Kingdom that would increase exponentially leading up to the musical revolution of the 1960’s.

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Measurements of the impact his work may have had on higher dimensions is obtainable only through strict observation of self. As manifestations of a lower dimension human beings will be influenced by the influence exerted over higher dimensions. Like backwash, the "trickle up" will trickle back down.

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Disturbances of a psychic nature, increased UFO sightings, and frequent occurrences of déjà vu and or bed wetting may be signs of Lewis Carroll’s, and his avant garde brotherhood’s, effectiveness in reversing the current.

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