to the Seas
of our Origin

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Tear down the walls. seas02.jpg (76166 bytes)

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Walk on the grass.

Return to the seas of our origin. seas04.jpg (97091 bytes)

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We are a league of shadows,
a coalition of distilled life
seeking to carry the tides of creation further.

Tear down the walls.

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When they have fallen,...

we are radiance again.

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We emerged from the chaos.

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From serpent soup.

From pure uncensored life.

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We were once
a thunderous roar
now isolated
into distinct notes.

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We swept outward in a mad tumultuous impulse,
somersaulting merrily over our self.

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Such an innocent explosion
of life, laughter, and love,
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resulting in a charming fragmentation,
life as a tide pool.

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Life attracts life.

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We long to be a larger body of love .

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As splinters of our former self
we have great work ahead of us.
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It is not so easy to move
as a solitary drop of water.

And in truth
there can be
no return to our origins.
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Having been expelled from the womb,
there is no going back.

Better to
tear down the walls
so that the sea flows into us.
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A tidal wave transforming us
into a mad tumultuous impulse,...

seas27.jpg (610792 bytes) innocent explosion of life, laughter, and love.

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