what they tell you
that you think.

Rationalize the radiations away.

Life is not a choice,
give your body to the state.

This is the end of Life,
the road ends
Life is not a choice.

Subdue your urge to create.

good citizens.

Productive citizens.

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Idle hands work for the devil.

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You are free.

You are free to
give your life
to the state,
good citizen.

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Don’t touch yourself.

Please consult
your physician
before engaging
in this
or any other
strenuous activity.

Keep your hands,
and other objects

Look out here.
You are free to consume.

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You need fences.
They keep you safe.

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Power lines
run over
the landscape.

Lines of power.

Please color
between the

Your God is a square,
look out here
the face of God.

The word of God:

what you need
to be good.

You need to consume.

Produce to consume.

This is

You have the right
to choose:
Nescafe, or Folgers.

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You have rights.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Mind your manners.

Give your mind to the state.

Good citizen.

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Thank You.

You’re Welcome.

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No shoes,
no shirt,
no service.

Please form
a nice straight line
and wait
for the bell.

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The rules
everybody safe.

No running.
No trespassing.
No parking.
No skating.
No smoking.
No loitering.

No breathing.

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Send any comments, suggestions or questions to

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