Satisfaction = Exploitation


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Their bellies full, faces bloodied from the last kill.

Business suits & ties, the neatly manicured fingernails
and velour jogging suits, designer shoes.

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And if you look into the fibers of their sickening costumes
with the magnified eye of God you can see how much their satisfaction has


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If you look closely, crystallized in every stitch
you can see the faces of women toiling for pennies,
raising their hands to use the restroom,
tired and trapped...

and the pennies buy coffee to nourish their children.

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Every life feeds something.

What beast is getting fat on the choices you

Death, it’s what’s for dinner.

They crave the flesh of mammals.

Not for
nourishment, out of habit, preference, negligence.

Not to maintain or preserve life,
but because they don’t feel satisfied without it.

It dirtied the water supply, polluted the air we breathe, ...
required a flesh and blood sacrifice.

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They copulate in a panicked frenzy, eager for a quick fix, or use other
substances to regulate their mood.

Feel good.

That’s the way.

And work
to feed
the corporate

the right
to feel


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You see them every day…

In the malls,
at work,
on TV,
in church,
at school,
in your home,
in the mirror…

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Everything you eat,
everything that touches your skin,
adorns your home,
makes your existence comfortable...

has a price.

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Satisfaction = Exploitation


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