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Something Stirring...

Yes the fire.

It was the flicker of fire light that
attracted the attention of beasts.

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Moths flittered about.

The smell of smoke warned
some creatures
to steer clear of the area and
drew certain others nearer.

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The warmth of fire.

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Warm human breath
attracted mosquitoes.

Warmth means
mammalian blood.

Blood means a feast.

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Yes, come closer.

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And the girl...

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dancing around the glow
in her underwear,
black eyes gleaming.

Noisy music.

Like fire, a power being contained and manipulated
for the pleasure of a fragile band of Sapiens,
the intoxicating scent of liquor on all of them.

small5.jpg (60060 bytes) Their charmed laughter.
The sounds and scents of their love making.


long1.jpg (83943 bytes) The scent...
the dancer is menstruating.
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Her long graceful arms and legs
only delicately furred.

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The crackle of leaves
and snapping twigs
approaching from the dark
are lost in this animal symphony.

The crickets fall silent with the approach.
Silence too is lost in the bubbling choir.
The humidity of sweat is swallowed by the cool night air.

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The enthusiastic dancer glistens.

Lovers reach a crescendo.

small6.jpg (59781 bytes) A bottle breaks.
The finale.

Hunger tears through the camp, humanity scatters in fleshy fragments,
a kaleidoscope of moisture warmth and screams...
smoke, blood, and sweat.

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The scent...



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