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These cries walk a fine line
teetering quickly
from joyful to alarmed,
from angry to soothing.

Someone hums nonchalantly.

Squeals and
shouts ring out.

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Suddenly a child
emerges from the room.
Her face is painted yellow.
She smells like a flower.

Just as abruptly
as she materialized
she melts back
into the chamber of her origin.

There is the sound of water trickling.
A depleted water fall?
A weeping rock face?
A garden hose?
Bathroom sink?

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Knocking and tapping
and a high pitched
whistling rings out.
A warm glow emanates
from the chamber
and the sound of trickling water fades.

Another child emerges,
blue faced and grinning.

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"I don’t want that!"
Someone shouts.

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The child runs backwards
and shuts the door.
The glow is gone.

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The door reopens.
Both children reappear
running in circles howling
and yipping frightfully.
Their feet pound on the floor like a war drum, or frantically beating heart.
They begin to chant violently:

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"Run, two, three, four, run, two, three, four…"

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The din is rattling
Then they’re gone.

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It’s quiet for a while except for a sound like someone scraping a pot with a fork. Or rats scratching at walls.

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Muffled whimpers.
The door is open just a crack.

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Someone sings softly,

"And fall asleep… right now…"

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