It was three weeks ago I think...

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Eric and I had spent the night conjuring a demon and we were taking a walk before returning to conjure a second.

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It was night time, maybe around 7:00. As we walked we observed the sky which had taken on a dreamlike quality. There were poufy picturesque clouds and very twinkley stars. We commented on the red color of the sky, and soon afterwards noticed red light emanating from the living room of one of the apartments we passed. The sky was weirdly red.

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I was still working out

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in my mind

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the nature of what

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we'd been doing.

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I told Eric that I felt more real in the last few months than ever before. It seemed to me that I hadn't even been alive before then.

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There were memories of something from before, but they seemed empty, like a play of card board cut outs danced upon the screen of my mind.

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I said I felt that I had been evoked, and like the demon we had just called up, I had a choice to fulfill my sacred oath and serve the being that called me, thereby becoming something more real, or slip back into the unrealized dream, a hungry ghost once again.

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So I am always fearful that one day
I will find myself 
looking at things that make perfect sense on the surface.

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I will find myself
either perfectly good, or perfectly evil,
and when the sun touches my skin
there will be light with no underlying current.

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I will be missing a dimension and sliding through a dream as a paper doll.
Unable to perceive
the Real
as anything more than
a curvacious irritation in a flat world.
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