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Tears Flow!

The lost man is cast
from his house
and flung
upon the hill.

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Thou shalt have
danger and

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as long as you burn
you belong to life.

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I am the flame
that burns
in the heart
of every man

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Life is
but movement
of eternal return.

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This chain
from Eternity
to Eternity

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In my body
as the cord
within the net,
Through no fault
of yours will
you be lost

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For I am divided
for love’s sake,
for the chance
of union

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For above
is exalted by below
as is written in the scriptures.

It is the Ninth Hour:
And about the ninth hour,
Jesus called
with a loud voice,
‘My God, my God,
why hast Thou forsaken me!’

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But I love
Oh God

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To whom shall I
speak today?
There are no
trustworthy friends.
One is pushed
into darkness
before one can
cry out.

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flung down
the precipice
of being
Even to the abyss,

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His wife,
his children
fell to the

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And this is
the wrath of God,
that these things
should be thus

And this is
the grace of God,
that these things
should be thus

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He will install
Himself in

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An end
to loneliness
and to all

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It is a closed circle
around the captured
Aware of
his own end.

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with courage
conquering fear
ye shall
approach me

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Forget the Beyond!

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There is
no other
but this

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we shall form
the Abode.

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Then also
the Pyramid was builded
so that the Initiation
might be complete

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Fire for fire.

As long as you burn
you belong to life.
Only when you burn
are you alive.
Consuming life
as it consumes you.

This is what I know is true.
Everything else is
simply an artifact.
Doubt, betrayal, tears,
fears of death
fears of life.

The Everlasting Truth
is that we are Gods,
and we burn
with the fire of the Sun.

You will always live.
You will always burn.
I know this.

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Excerpts from
"Rebel in the Soul" by Bika Reed
Aleister Crowley, The Holy Books of Thelema
and additional text by Morphia

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