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the true king was always
identified with the pole star
and with the sun,
for the sun is where
the pole or axis
intersects a “horizontal” world
such as ours.

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He or she is a remnant,
a representative
or a prolongation
of the solar race
of the first age
which explains
the traditional preoccupation
with maintaining
the “purity” of the royal lineages.

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the palace is
typically organized
on a cosmological scheme
at the center of which is
the throne,
which symbolizes
the center
of the universe.

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The throne is
at the same time
elevated above
all the seats,
just as the pole star
is exalted
above the plane
of the celestial equator
and around which
all the stars and planets
appear to turn.

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Hence the principle
and source
of the kingship
itself was
said to dwell
in the pole star,
which is the trace
of the axis mundi.

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The stars of Capicorn,
as we have said,
were in the ancient traditions
the entrance point
at which beings,
from this solar system
through the solar hole
or “sun-door”,
enter into the stream
or path
of the Milky Way.

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This path
is the central
and it both terminates
and originates
in the galactic center.

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That is, we may regard
the fundamental structural form
of the Milky Way,
a circle which traversesthe sky
at an inclination
of about 63 degrees
to the celestial equator,
as the location at which
one may enter
the macrocosmic circuit
of the universal life current
and travel upon it
to the center of
the sidereal universe.

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The life current
streams into
this solar universe
through the Zodiacal star-gates,
or the intersection points
between the solar path
or ecliptic
and the total form
of the Milky Way galaxy.

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Flowing down
in the median axis
and passing through the sun-gate,
the psycho-cosmic life current
descends upon the earth
and returns again
through the Sun
to its sidereal sources
in a perpetual cycle.
This is the macrocosmic circuit
of the universal life current.

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The prime-matter body
is the immortal,
the divine body,
the golden seed
and the pearl
of great price,

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the star essence
of the physical body
residing in it
at various degrees of actualization;
it is the vehicle
of divine consciousness
in the case
of the realized being,

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the one who is fully awake
to the total Context of Existence
while still being (physically) alive.

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Excerpt from
The Solar Body
Estefan Lambert

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