Via Sinistrae
Sep 10, 2005

The Ritual begins before it starts.

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It begins at a different moment for each of us.

It’s like making love with a new person;
you have to find this particular rhythm, this particular night.

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For some, the beginning involves the costume and the mask.

For others it’s claiming the space; walking the perimeter, focusing.
Lighting candles.
Welcoming guests.

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All with a sense of something coming. Vaguely dreading its arrival.

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This night there is a play of opposites;
mirror images.

Disquieting videos,
disquieting loud music present throughout.

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Energy pulled into space.

Played with, amplified.

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Identities fused.

Masculine and feminine integrated.

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Transfers of substance, increase in energy.

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Music as fuel, people as keys unlocking space.

Convulsive movements.

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Forgetting of self and lack of sensation in the physical body,
all normal in this place.

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Out of bodies and through doorways of opportunity.

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Opportunities to push through your own barriers.

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Opportunities to connect on an essential level.

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Opportunities missed... or misperceived.

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Alone, out of place, out of time, out of luck.
Not fully part, not fully separate.
Not even able to get off the floor.

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Until Koyote helps you dance.

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Dancing mask to mask; disconnected again,
horrified by what’s happening in the room.

Very sexual. People acting out.

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Close your eyes.
What is happening?
In your head?
In the space?
Make yourself look.

Horror to rapture in the blink of another’s eye.

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Constant dancing, bursting heart, crazy bliss.

Then fear again. So fast, one emotion to another.
What is happening now? In your head? In the space?

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Brutal assault on a helpless woman,
or woman feeling her own power in her own space?

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As ecstatic as she had been is as upset as she is now.

Floor woman is oblivious to the drama.

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Floor woman is fine.

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Ecstasy replaces terror and anger.
Her heart catches fire again
and stays on fire for the rest of the night.

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It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a brain.

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It doesn’t matter if you don’t have nerves and muscles and skin.

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You have a skeleton.

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Make it dance on its own grave...

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always aware of the other skeletons in the space...

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aware of your part and their part in the Solar Circus...

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where Koyote helps you dance.

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