What is Via Sinistrae?

Via Sinistrae is a Shamanic Magickal invocation that seeks to employ modern technology to complement ancient knowledge and involve a contemporary audience in an energized powerful sacred ritual.

As with all real invocations, the intent is to call forth Entities and Beings beyond the reach of normal human consciousness and interact with them for their benefit and possibly for ours.

The participants include the people who are brought to the space through marketing as well as the people who are actively working to bring it about. All the individuals that decide to stay will ultimately be active elements in the invocation (rather than a passive audience.)

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Although anyone is welcome, this particular form of invocation is specially welcoming of the counterculture, the young, the marginalized and the secret seekers.

Via Sinistrae is a meeting of several different lineages: the raw shamanic invocation, the structured Western Thelemic tradition, the culture of the rave or underground dance party and interactive performance art.

We use electronic music, video and lights along with direct vocal chanting, dance and energy transference to achieve our aims. Within the space we want to interact with the prelinguistic elements in each individual's psyche, so we don't explain, lecture or answer questions.

The intuition of each individual will either direct them towards their rightful place in the invocation or it will ask them to leave the space as soon as possible.

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Via Sinistrae is not intended to please, entertain or pacify the audience. Its raw energy will either pull these individuals into active participation or will push them away from the space. The ritual work, the music and the video that we use is not meant to be pretty or to relax the newcomers. It is these uncompromising approach that clearly separates us from the New Age and its varied manifestations.

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 Via Sinistrae is an extension of  our Shamanic experiments so it must continually evolve and change. These changes will both be a result of the ritual work and will also change the ritual work as they happen.

Real Magick and Real Work can not stand still.

Only as long as it changes and moves is it really alive.


Send any comments, suggestions or questions to jc@viasinistrae.com

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