The Tower
February 4, 2006

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Fire and terrible music, music moving backward.

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We move forward, backward, fall, crawl, scream, growl, dance.

We turn our faces upward.
The sky is falling.
We all fall.
"Why are you doing this to me?
Why are you doing this?
Stop mocking me!"

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Yowling and screaming like animals at each other. It is hard to see. Thunderous crashing. An explosion.

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Rubble. There are bodies...and spoons...spoons scattered everywhere.
Is this an invocation?

Traveling in circles.
The madri gras peacock looks so serious, too elegant for this melee. It is all coming down.

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The foundation is crumbling, the core is dissolving. One bolt of lightning. An unstable element threatening our stability. Electricity and Mass find it difficult to play together .

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Where is the Sorcerer? Where has he gone? The invocants...
where are they going?
They fade in then back out.
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Is this an installation?
Patrons discuss the artwork
on the wall
under the din of the music.
Then smiling they dance a little.

It is a birthday party.
The band is cool.
They play a little longer
for the cheerful dancers.

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Where did the bodies go?
Were we holding an invocation?
The music plays on.

tower7.jpg (73475 bytes) There are a few lonesome partiers
drifting about.

At last the musicians
look at each other.
What happened? Is this over?

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The music comes uncertainly to a stop.
Shrugged shoulders.
The music makers pack up the gear.

On to the next gig...

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