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The Empress

Via Sinistrae - December 4, 2005

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Sometimes a creative radiation
through the fibers of the paper world,
and whether you act on it or not,
it ruins you.

I woke up with the words
about passion
in the subtler regions
of my mind.

I cried sobless tears.

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It would be better
to drag my corpse
up the coast
in a white dress,
the willing invocant,
than to slavishly carry on
with "life as usual".

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Something is gnawing at me from the inside.
This is the product of the invocation.

Once you open
the floodgates
there is no telling
what these radiations
will do
to you,
to your paper doll life

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Some of us became ill.
The bonds of friendship
were scattered
to the winds,
families were
torn apart
and a fellow Voyager
left us forever
of his own will.

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These invocations
are bad
for human beings.

That's what
makes them

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They will eat holes
in the paper world
consuming the dolls
in their path.

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Why would
pursue this madness?

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It is
the only thing
worth doing.

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If you give in to your passions
they will kill you,
if you don't give in,
you are
already dead.

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