LongMirror1.jpg (282987 bytes)

Mutual support

A recurring transmission

shape01.jpg (100857 bytes)

of messages

It to It

from You to Me

mask01.jpg (115012 bytes)

from Me to You

It to It

caldonjc.jpg (719874 bytes)

LongMirror2.jpg (541894 bytes)

Hurt me

Did you hurt me?

shape02.jpg (100406 bytes)

Did I hurt you?

Is the aim
in the

Through the mirror

caldo00.jpg (98083 bytes)

I see

jc00.jpg (121139 bytes)

my aim

your aim

One and the same?

Can something emerge

caldo01.jpg (107012 bytes)

from the mirror

jc01.jpg (123837 bytes)

that wasn't there

to begin with?

LongMirror3.jpg (541062 bytes)

The ego is hurt

when it's not allowed

CaldoNJc01.jpg (303411 bytes)

to control.

LongMirror4.jpg (596650 bytes)
Can I control my mirror?

shape03.jpg (100076 bytes)

Can you control your mirror?

Can the
be controlled?

If we are truly mirrors,

shape04.jpg (100439 bytes)

CaldoNJc02.jpg (303298 bytes)

can we ever stop being mirrors?

LongMirror4.jpg (596650 bytes)

Flying away

caldo02.jpg (119668 bytes)

far from each other

will our light

jc02.jpg (126479 bytes)

still find a reflecting surface

in a fading speck of dust?

LongMirror3.jpg (541062 bytes)
I have a mirror.

jc03.jpg (120941 bytes)

I have no mirror.

LongMirror2.jpg (541894 bytes)
You have a mirror.

caldo03.jpg (121388 bytes)

You have no mirror.

Place your hand
my face.

LongMirror1.jpg (282987 bytes)

In my eyes
you will find

mask02.jpg (99281 bytes)


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