You only have to allow beauty.
She’s there waiting to be given some room to breath and unfold.

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In some cases creation is a process of constricting and taming her,
the wild uncompromising force of Love.

But once she has been domesticated there is nothing left to do.

Nowhere to move.

Just a great sense of self satisfaction for having subdued that horrible chaotic force.

Unchecked domination.
A war on terror.
The end of Life.

Then the servants of Love will take on the work of loosing her binds.

Creation becomes a process of artfully removing obstacles, of placing explosives so that the structure will collapse just so.

Creators are really demolitions experts.

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Tear down the walls.
Walk on the grass.
Return to the seas of our origin.

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The key is never to loose the contact.

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There may come a day when having cut her free there is nothing left to do.

Then the hunt is on.

Catch her.
Tie her.
Silence her.

But a good collaborator will take care not to break her.

A co-creator will bind her just so, and will remain sensitive to her vulnerable situation.

Recognize that the master must be a servant.

And set her loose at the right moment to prolong the creative dance.

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Satisfaction = Exploitation

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Beauty gave me a poem, and I gave her a knife.


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