To see...

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To see it is necessary to start small, close to home.
Start with the "I".
The thought generated ego.
Look at your own thoughts.
Realize that they are fragmented.
Every "I" is a fragment of a bigger you.

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There are images.
Images generated and created by thought itself...
images that are not you beyond the mind.
Images created from fear.

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Realize that "we",
as we normally think of ourselves,
are no more than thoughts created to not confront reality.
Our thought movement,
our fragmentation,
our ego,
our images
do not allow us to see real life
and cause our most immediate personal and psychological suffering.

We, as thinkers, are our own thoughts.
The thinker is the thought itself.

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Beyond thought and time
is a universal suffering
which is the collective suffering of the human race
caused by the trap of their own movement
of thought.

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An awakened human,
one who has cleared his mind
of the million year old accumulation
of imagery
and of the movement of fragmented thought,
can see what is beyond suffering:
an empowering energy which can be called compassion.

This entails the attainment
of Real Love,
as opposed to sentimentality or romanticism
so over used by humans in waking sleep.

It is in this realm that a real man exists.

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Beyond love is yet another something,
a river of life.

It is a something from which life itself is created,
and to which all life essence belongs and connects.

Beyond life and death there is
the Sacred.


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